Artist’s Statement

To be able to appreciate the surreal, one must see the ultimate reality: the interweaving of societal and personal events, the conflicting philosophies, and the universalities and particularities of some ideas or theories. Since the surreal is the material representation of the sub and the unconscious, it is perfect to use as a tool in meditating on some aspects of being human: the capacity to discern what is right from wrong, the beneficial and the detrimental.

I’m Inspired and fascinated with the marvels of the human anatomy. How the skeleton serves as scaffolding that supports our internal organs; the complexity of the work of the brain; the phenomenal wisdom of the digestive and excretory systems; and the taken-for-granted automatic functions of the body. I have considered the idea of putting them as the base of my works because they reveal the amazing hand of God, which I find marvelous and beautiful. For me, the bones and skulls do not only symbolize death, but also eternity, the resurrection of the pure soul.  I juxtapose them in a strange and illogical way that reflect certain realities of our world, based on my own observation of the society, both the positive and the negative: the reign of greed, non-compassion, non-empathy, lack of love, the desire of belongingness to ever indifferent world. These bring up the images from my subconscious mind.

– Camille Dela Rosa

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