Deus Ex Machina

In Interpretations on June 22, 2012 at 11:37 am


“Deus Ex Machina” is a Latin term which literally mean “god from the machine.”  The main component the painting is a paradoxical “machine-god” hoisting a cloned fetus.  It is a parody  to the obsessive nihilistic thinking of many who relied much on the machine to the point of making those machines as their  “gods” or to such extent that men wanted to become the lifeless and heartless ”machine-god”  themselves.  The terrifying armillary head of the “machine-god” showing off the bullets in its mouth is monstrous, grotesque and demonic. Such iconographic elements manifest the irreducible quality of the gods and represent death.  It evokes what seems to be an artificial path of man’s destiny towards a cold nihilistic future…the death of mankind and rise of the machine.

Some people today are “machine-god”.  They are so much engulfed by the machine, by the fast-rising technology.  They work like a machine, depend on machine to the point that they wanted to become machines themselves. Work for them is their priority that oftentimes they forgot to bond with their families. The proliferation and advancement of our technology disband and weaken our basic social structure which is the family. This is represented by the almost disappearing linear rendering of a towering structure in the painting. Some are addicted to computer games instead of interacting with their family. “Deus Ex Machina” reminds us what we and where we are now.  The fetus enclosed by a protective crystal shield hopes to offer a solution:  in spite of dominion of the machine in our lives, we should protect the newborns from the powerful claws of those machine-gods by reviving our spiritual connection with our Creator and strengthen the family ties once more through deep, meditative prayer.


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